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In this, the era of specialization, musicians, just like those in other professions, have followed suit. Things were not always this way. In the 1700s musicians were not just performers, but also composers, arrangers, teachers, producers of concerts, guest soloists, copyists, conductors, contractors, etc. In fact, those who we remember best from that era, Bach, Telemann, Vivaldi, Haydn and Mozart, as well as many other musicians, did it all; it was the accepted norm. Today there are very few who do it all, and of those who do an incredibly small proportion of them do it all extremely well. One who does is Javier Arau.

Saxophone Journal, July/August 2009


[Arau] does it as well as anyone I have ever heard. Extremely gifted composer. Very bright future.

Bob Brookmeyer, composer/bandleader


A complete musician. The total package.

Jerry Bergonzi, saxophonist/educator


Remarkable and obvious talent.

Ken Burns, film-maker


Special. Very special.

George Russell, theorist/composer


Perhaps the most complex piece of the night for both the orchestra and the audience was Arau's 'Fantasy Episodes.' The music had identifiable motifs with an underlying urban grit. [Arau is] someone to watch. He knew what he was doing.

The Oakland Tribune


Beautiful music! Amazing!

Benny Golson, saxophonist/composer


[Arau's] 'Paper Train' is a marvelous bit of modern composition. Arau's 'Missouri Blues' toys with the edges of funk and fusion, and he puts grit into his tone to match. ...Good music based on strong roots.

All About Jazz


Wow! Something different for a change. Your playing is great and the sound is huge and lush. I love it...Keep it up.

Phil Barone, master mouthpiece maker and saxophone designer


Great writing, playing, educational material. You are the complete package.

Alex Budman, L.A. clarinetist/saxophonist/arranger


He was a wonderful speaker.
Great speaker!
One of the best lectures I've ever attended.
Good tips for how to approach the professional musician clinically.
Truly insightful - thank you very much.
Excellent session, glad I changed my mind and attended this one!
A great session.
Very interesting conference.
Loved it!
Javier was a delight! I really got some insight into the mind of the musician. Strongly recommend this speaker!
Great presentation!
I really enjoyed it.
This was a great course.
He was so eloquent.

Feedback from Javier's presentation on Musician Injuries American Society of Hand Therapists National Convention, Boston, Massachussetts, October 26, 2008. (86% of respondents rated this course as excellent or very good.)


I really learned a lot in lessons this year. I've had a lot of on-and-off instruction in jazz, but the things we covered this term were new to me and very helpful (min 3rd sub, ways of thinking about the ii-V).
I liked being able to sit down and concentrate on learning different methods of approaching a musical line so I can learn it faster and more efficiently (and also be more expressive with it).
Javier came from a similar background as I did: never playing classical saxophone before college, coming from an almost strictly jazz background. He taught in exactly the type of way that I needed at this point in my musical career.
I found his studio class lectures to be very informational. I was impressed with Javier's ability to write music and prepare different exercises to help the students.
I feel I have a lot more to offer to H.S. and M.S. kids on improvisation. And I can help them with clear information that they will be able to use right away.
I got the push I needed to improve my musicality and practice habits.
I'm well prepared for my upcoming jury and for next year in general.
Javier helped me prepare for further curiosities about my ability as a player by listening and sharing ideas about the bigger scheme of musicianship. He is a refreshing educator who I feel is a part of the healthily ever-changing expression of music.
The lecture Javier gave on the last day of studio was one of the best I've ever heard on the topic of real life as a working musician. I feel more prepared after hearing that lecture than I ever did before.
He always knows what to say to improve playing.
Javier was very flexible and willing to accomodate my musical interests.
I wasn't sure what to expect from Javier coming in, but he blew me away with his take on classical saxophone and how to relate it to everything else saxophone.
He exceeded my expectations.
Javier is great to come to for advice and gives it to you without frills. Everything is so straight-forward, leaving you without having to guess at his meaning.
He knows what he's talking about and made it clear that we could ask him questions whenever necessary.
As a working artist himself, Javier gave me a better understanding of what/how I need to work in order to make this living work for me.
Javier always knew exactly what to say in order for a certain result to be reached and it always worked.
Although the pieces I played this term were considerably harder than anything else I tackled this year, Javier had the right motivation and insight to help me through to give very convincing, musical performances.
Javier is very personable in one on one communication.

Student evaluations, Lawrence University, 2007


Thanks for all your great teaching. We all think you're great.
Thanks to you for all your hard work and amazing teaching.
I just want you to know I really appreciate all you do.

Various Parents and Students, NYC private lessons