Javier Arau maintains a small and select private teaching studio. He has been teaching privately for over 23 years, and he thrives on diversity in his studio. His students have included experienced jazz musicians, classical pianists, young clarinetists, college-aged composers, tiny tot pianists, and many more. General lesson approach aims for results and demands a dedicated student. Essential to Javier's curriculum is a design that considers the following:

  • attention to both short-term and long-term goals
  • effective practice techniques
  • development of proper body usage and technique
  • climbing emotional hurdles
  • balancing repertoire with fundamental studies
  • creative and artistic development
  • reevaluation and self-direction
  • performance incentives

If you are interested in turning a corner in your approach to music, consider a trial lesson. To learn more about lessons with Javier, contact him here.