THE LICK Infographic (aka "All I Really Need to Know About JAZZ I Learned From THE LICK")

Turns out a video I made a while back, "The Lick In All 12 Keys," has a following.  The video itself was meant to be a fun inside joke on a melodic line that seems to have a life of its own, but this poses an opportunity for everyone interested. So, let's have even more fun with this, as I introduce an infographic, complete with video lesson and PDF download, called...

"All I Really Need to Know About JAZZ I learned from THE LICK"

THE LICK Infographic

THE LICK Infographic

Watch the video lesson on The Lick Infographic below, and if you'd like to download a PDF copy, visit the lessons blog at

Watch "The Lick in All 12 Keys."

Watch a compilation video of jazz icons playing "The Lick" throughout history.